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Computing at Parnwell


At Parnwell, we recognise that children will need to learn computer code, the language of computer programs, if they are to change from being computer users to being computer program developers and program writers. The way in which we use computers is changing and we feel that our children need to be a part of this change.

By learning how to code in lessons and taking part in events such as the ‘Hour of Code’ we are providing our children with the best possible start in their relationship with technology.

An Hour of Code with Anna and Elsa from Disney’s “Frozen”.

Tens of millions of children of all ages and backgrounds have tried an Hour of Code, a one-hour introduction designed to demystify computer science and show that anybody can learn the basics. Parnwell is a part of this international campaign to reach 100 million students. 

In December, Parnwell Primary will be using materials from to allow children to take part in the Hour of Code.  

The tutorial for the 2014 Hour of Code features Disney Infinity versions of Disney’s “Frozen” heroines Anna and Elsa!


In this one-hour activity, the children will learn to write code to help Anna and Elsa create snowflakes and magical “ice craft,” whilst also learning logic, mathematics and cultivating creative confidence.

In addition to this, children will create their own versions of 'Flappy Bird'.  


Children will create a program that will enable the bird to flap, the background to move and points to grow. By the end of the one-hour of code they will have gone through the steps to enable them to produce their very own version of the popular game.

Nobody will miss out. Younger children will give instructions to their own 'Angry Bird' in order for it to catch and land on the 'pesky pigs'.

Only if they drag the correct commands and build the algorithm will they defeat the pigs.
The very youngest of children in the school will also take part. They will develop skills which will enable them to take control of the computer and really make things happen. In their activities, they take control of the mouse to complete jigsaws.

Get Inspired!

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