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Parnwell Primary School  Sport Premium


All pupils leaving Parnwell Primary School are physically literate and have the knowledge, skills and motivation necessary to equip them for a healthy lifestyle and lifelong participation in physical activity and sport.



Lump Sum


Number Of Pupils*


Amount Per Pupil


Total Sport Premium Allocated April 2015


*Numbers based on January 2015 Census




Swimming including instruction and transport


Equipment and servicing


Contribution to Full Time Sports Coach Wage


Competition Costs including transport and entrance fees








What this will include


To engage all children in regular physical activit

- Delivering 2 Hours of PE per class per week

- Improving Physical Literacy – development of a cluster wide approach

  - Developing Dedicated Young Sports Leader programme for pupils in Year 6  - Introducing Change 4 Life Clubs  

- Involvement in National Sporting Initiatives : Sport Relief / Olympic Legacy Work / Road to Rio / School Games Day

 - Implementing Young Sports Leaders / Playground Leaders
  - Support with curriculum planning, after school club planning, assessment, G and T

PE Co-ordinator/

PE and Sport HLTA

To provide varied extracurricular activities  and opportunity for children to participate and compete in Level 2+ sporting competitions

- Implement a programme of organised school matches


- Deliver a high quality lunchtime and after school club programme in a variety of sports and games.

  - Increase the number of children taking part in after school sports clubs
  - Develop a programme of both Intra and Inter competition for all pupils
  - Involve groups if pupils in Cluster festivals (Sainsbury’s School Games)
  - Begin to involve pupils in City Wide Sporting Competitions
  -introduce pupils to Sainsbury's School Games : Level 1 / Level 2 / Level 3 competitions

PE Co-ordinator/

PE and Sport HLTA

To raise the profile of Sport and PE across school

-Provide updates to Governor meetings (where requested)


- Input developments into Staff meetings to raise awareness


- Implement Whole school initiatives : Sport Relief / Olympic Legacy/ School Games


- Improve the quality of  Website information / Athlete Mentor visits / Press Releases/ Young Sports Leaders / Playground Leaders/ Competition Results


- Raise profile of Parnwell in the community and continue the sports message within the school.


- To create partnerships with other local schools and out of school sports clubs

PE Co-ordinator/

PE and Sport HLTA


Website/ computing lead




  Autumn Spring Summer Total
Number of clubs offered 14 14        
Number of children attending 1 club weekly 118 97    
Number of children attending more than 1 club weekly 22 14    
Clubs offered

Year 1/2 Multiskills

Year 3-4 Tag Rugby

Year 5-6 Tag Rugby/Girls Football/Handball

Year 1-6 Football

Year 3/4 + 5/6 Gymnastics

Year 1/2 Athletics/Invasion Games

Years 1-6 Football

Year 5/6 Basketball

Number of Level 2 Competitions Attended 2 2    
Number of Level 3 Competitions Attended 2 2    
Number of children competing in Inter-School competitions 28 34    
Number of children competing in Intra-School competitions Children in Years 3-6 have competed in an intra-school competition/tournament      
Number of Young Sports Leaders 8 8    
Number of G+T children identified 10      
Additional opportunities for G+T

Given opportunity to become school sports leader

Link to football trials for Peterborough Football Club/Histon Football Club

Number of children able to swim 25m + Year 6 Year 4 Year 5  




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Primary PE Sport Grant Awarded


Total number of pupils in roll


Lump Sum


Amount received per pupil (£5 x )


Total Sports Grant Received


Summary of PPSG 2014-2015


  • Improve quality of swimming provision through second teacher

Children have little swimming experience outside of school therefore Sports Premium is used to ensure children access high quality teaching is small groups.

  • Ensure all children meet national expectation of 25m swimming by end of Year 6
  • Ensure children are able to compete in Level 2 competitions

We value all participation in teams and clubs and endeavour to ensure as many children as possible are able to take part in competitions and are given the chance to represent the school therefore we have used the grant to fund entrance fees and transport to events.

  • Provide high quality and exciting PE equipment

Additional resources including a Springboard have been purchased to ensure children engaging and safe equipment for lessons.

  • Provide quality extra-curricular sporting activities

3 or more sports clubs were offered each term to children and were well attended.

  • Increase number of children participating in inter school competitions

Children participated in Tag Rugby(4 teams), Football, Gymnastics, Multi Skills (20 KS1), Cricket (3 teams) and Hockey (2 teams) competitions.

  • Broaden provision of quality sports activities through qualified coaches

All children received weekly PE lessons led by a coach from Stanground Sports Partnership.




Swimming including transport


Equipment and servicing


Sports Coach


Competition Costs including transport and entrance fees





£11 948



Sports Premium Award 2014-15











Parnwell Primary School

Sports Grant 2013-14

Primary PE Sport Grant Awarded


Total number of pupils in roll


Lump Sum


Amount received per pupil (£5 x )


Total Sports Grant Received


Summary of PPSG 2013-214


  • Improve quality of provision through CPD

  • Improve quality of provision through direct support

  • Improve quality of swimming provision through second teacher

  • Improve quality and quantity of extra-curricular sporting activities

  • Increase number of children participating in inter school competitions

  • Broaden provision of sporting activities

Record of PPSG




Support for PE Leader



Contract with Stanground College

Resources reviewed and Evaluated

Planning developments for coming year

Targeted support for teachers/TA’s

Support for Year ½ class teacher

6 x hours of PE support within lessons to support class teacher in improving provision for year group

Key Stage Training Sessions

Staff more confident in teaching PE, ensuring better quality provision across school and increased variety

TA impact Training Sessions

TA’s more confident to involve themselves in lessons – identifying children off task and supporting them by increasing/decreasing challenge

Intra School Competitions

All children participated in friendly competitions

Swimming Teacher and Lane Hire


90% of Year 6 children able to swim 25m by end of Primary School

Transport to Competitions


Children participated in varied activities (Football, Rugby, Gymnastics, Tennis, MultiSkills)– increase on precious year due to being able to provide larger transport



Extra equipment purchased to support teaching of wide range of sports

Sports Extra Coach



Coach to lead Lunchtime activities and support in PE lessons alongside staff and coaches – increased number of competitive games during lessons

Sport England Course CPD



2 x Teachers identified for further support and training. CPD course attended. Increased confidence and provision within these classes and resources to support teaching provided.


Total Funding Received


Total Funding Expenditure


Total Funding Remaining